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24th Annual MIC Conference & Trade Show

Attend MIC's 24th Annual Conference and Trade Show and find sessions focused on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Learn more by visiting the Education page and filtering the tracks to "Equity Diversity Inclusion." 

Listen in as Gail Hamilton, not your average speaker, introduces her session on The Blind Elephant in the Room and Changing the Way You See and Relate to Others.

Click HERE to listen.

Catch the session on Wednesday, March 27th from 9:30-10:30am.

Gail Hamilton has been a member of the Englewood Lion’s club since 2011 and is the current president. This is her fourth time being in this role. an acclaimed international motivational speaker, trainer on blindness education, and prolific author Gail’s blindness has not stopped her from living the life she wants.

Gail grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana with two brothers (one being her twin) and one sister. She was born 2-and-a-half months premature and weighed 2 pounds. This coupled with the 100% pure oxygen being placed in her incubator for six weeks caused her to become partially and eventually fully blind.

Attending the Indiana School for the Blind, and later a girl’s high school, Gail went on to receive a BA from William Woods University, Fulton, MO in music-voice, piano, organ, speech, and English-and then to two master’s degrees-the first, in Pittsburg, KS in vocal performance, and the second from the Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO in Psychology and Counseling. Gail has sung leading roles in two major opera productions La Boheme, and La Traviata, and was crowned Ms. Colorado Senior America and 4th-runner up in the national MSA pageant.

Her soaring spirit has led Gail to build her former Habitat for Humanity home, to climb the historic 75-story Sydney Harbor bridge, and to partner with seven spectacular Seeing Eye dogs, Gretel, Lorraine, Kamber, Vinnie, Sarge, Maggie, and Ava.

Gail’s first book, Soaring into Greatness, a Blind Woman’s Vision to Live her Dreams and Fly relays Gail’s story of perseverance and passion. Her second book, Soaring Into Greatness, How to Live an Unstoppable, Unforgettable, Unbelievable Life Workbook is coming out soon.

To find out more information about Gail, please visit her website: soaringintogreatness.com