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Englewood Lions Club Donation to Movement 5280

May 6, 2024

 Last summer, 2023, the Englewood Lions donated $2500 to movement 5280 which is housed in the Englewood area. Movement 5280's unique focus is to be a "family of support" for at-risk and unhoused youth and young adults. Additionally, as a recovery community organization, they embrace a holistic approach, offering individualized, long-term support irrespective of age. Their commitment is to create a nurturing and inclusive community that recognizes the inherent worth and potential of every individual. As a result of our donation, they have created a room (including plaque) in our honor. See photos: before picture, progress photos, the plaque, the beautiful state of the office/exam room, and vaccine clinic.

The before picture of the room.

The room remodeled.

The plaque outside the room.

The Vaccine Clinic